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Software is built at the service where the mail is addressed to the parents or guardians of the students according to the information about. This service is about the notification from the school.


eSchool system leads to the management of the library the way that school record the books within all necessary descriptions then the students own make search (online) accordingly, and make the request via their dashboard.


The software is providing the process of payment where you can view the school bank account, then after paid the school fees you upload the bank slip, and the school have the option to view and download.


Online School Registration Provide students access to course information online, as well as the ability to register and pay any required fees online by uploading the bank slip, the future integration will be done direct.

School Report

Nowadays technology, no need to manipulate the student marks by handing. This software provide the way that the lecturers/ teachers record the marks for each taught module, then system own generates the reports.

Smart Attendance

We provide smart attendance. Parents receive an alert the time student arrive to / leave school. Via an SMS


The SMS as notification is very important to the both sides school and the parents to facilitate the communication gateway accordingly. The software also is built in such kind.

Student Card

Provide students access to their electronic ID card and using for attendance management system, and it is very crucial for teacher attendance management system, and can be done both smart phone and laptop.


Provide students access to their left assignments during the assessment period, and help them to access again to their marks. And system allow them to attach the correction, and can be updated his/her self.